Quiet Moments -From Dusk Till Dawn-
A very beautiful compilation album is now out which includes one song from my latest acoustic album "Stories", among the other great artists' works.  This well established compilation project, having the theme "sound track for city dwellers" behind, has released its 5th edition sub-titled "From Dusk Till Dawn" putting different genre and roots of the music.  

素敵なコンピレーションシリーズの最新作に、僕のアルバム"Stories"から一曲、"Story of Forest"が収録されています。「都市生活者のサウンドトラック」をテーマにしたプロジェクトの第5弾、今回のサブタイトルは『From Dusk Till Dawn』。「日没から夜明けまで」の名の通り、アーティスト各々の夜が様々な風景や時間の中で紡がれています。

"Quiet Moments -From Dusk Till Dawn-"

1.Old Tales Of Folly / Mikael Lind
2.Aless / Madegg
3.Vital Sign / Metome
4.Story Of Forest / Masayoshi Fujita
5.Shadow Play / Ryan Teague
6.Do You Know The Way To Sleep / Cuushe
7.YSW / Polar M
8.Tears / submerse
9.Stars (Quiet Version) / Yosi Horikawa
10.See The Light / Akira Kosemura
11.Lethe / moshimoss
12.あくる日 / haruka nakamura

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NHK-FM『 世界の快適音楽セレクション 』に出演します

『 世界の快適音楽セレクション 』

放送予定:2014年1月11日(土) 午前7時20分〜11時00分 <3時間40分>



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Remix for IKEBANA
 I did a remix for IKEBANA on flau. It's an unusual hard-rockin' track! You can download the remixes done by many great artists and name your price! One of my all time favorite band Buffalo Daughter did a remix too! It's my honor to be on the same album with them.


It's on 2nd song (el fog) Some years ago I went to a studio and played drums after long long time (I used to played drums) and record them. I didn't have chance to use them until this time. It is quite a fun to play like this kind of stuff sometime.

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Prints by Fleck
Beautiful prints with signature by Fleck which were used for the cover of my latest album "Stories". Finally got flames for them. Thanks David for the wonderful works! 


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RE-301 Tape Echo

Maintained and adjusted my modified tape echo for the gig next week at festsaal kreuzberg. it will be fun.

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