"Swan and Morning Dews" will be played in The Latvian Radio Choir's concert
My song "Swan and Morning Dews" will be played in a concert by The Latvian Radio Choir in Riga, Latvia, on 20th April among other great pieces by Toru Takemitsu, Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann and others. A latvian percussionist, Virdzinija Laube will perform my song. 
so exciting!

今月20日に、僕の"Swan and Morning Dews”という曲が、ラトビアの The Latvian Radio Choirのコンサートの中で演奏されます。他に、武満 徹、ブラームス、シューマンなどの曲が演奏(歌唱?)されるそうです。僕の曲はVirdzinija Laubeさんがソロで演奏。

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Stories text for digital generations
Each song of my new album "Stories" has its own story behind. The short text are provided inside of CD cover or LP, but I noticed that if you buy MP3 download, you won't get the text, right? So I put those text here and on my website.

アルバム"Stories"の曲の背景には、それぞれの物語が有ります。その物語は、CDやLPだとジャケットの中に短い文章が書いてあるんですが、MP3ダウンロードで購入された方はそれがついてこないんじゃないかなと思い、このブログやホームページにのせることにしました。また、英語を読むのは面倒という方のために、日本語バージョンもこちらにアップしてありますのでご覧ください。英語 日本語

 Once upon a time, there were mountains, a lake, a river and a waterfall in the forest.

1. "Deers"

Brothers of young bucks run through the forest of the mountain and play together.  They are still kids, but look just like grown-up deers.  They run through the trees, along the river, behind the waterfall and over the rocks.

2. "Snow Storm"

A knight on a horse runs through the snow storm.  While on his way, he hears the voice of the spirit of the snow storm.

3. "Cloud"

On a cloudy day, mother is crying in the church on the hill, holding her baby in her arms.  Faint light comes in through the stained glass and the low clouds are moving slowly.

4. "The story of Forest"

There was a tree that lived in the forest.  He talks with the animals and birds.  He likes to see his friends from season to season, from year to year.

5. "Story of Waterfall I. & II."

A bird lives by a waterfall.  He is called "Waterfall".  He is always alone, but not lonely.  He flies over mountains and the forest, and just lives with the waterfall and the nature.  One day, he sees a light through the high cloud and followed it.

6. "Swan and Morning Dews"

A swan lives on the lake.  One sunny but misty morning, she wakes up and spreads her wings.

7. "River"

From a small spring in the mountain, a small stream is running down, faster and wider, winding and splashing against the rocks.  At the end it pours into a lake.

8. "Memories of the Wind"

Hundreds of years later, the knight and the spirit are already gone.  The broken statue of the knight lies on the grass.  No one knows their story any more, only the wind and the trees remember.



1. Deers 二匹の鹿


2. Snow Storm 吹雪


3. Cloud 雲


4. Story of Forest 森の物語


5. Story of Waterfall 滝の物語


6. Swan and Morning Dews 湖畔の白鳥の朝


7. River 川


8. Memories of the Wind 風の記憶


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Video "Swan and Morning Dews"

The new video of my song is now uploaded. The song is "Swan and Morning Dews", a song taken from my latest album "Stories". Camera by Masaya Kato. Here is another video from the album. >>> Snow Storm
Thanks Masaya for this beautiful movie!

I like to play vibraphone in this kind of light, soft and faint light, like in the cloudy afternoon. It inspires me a lot.

新しいアルバム"Stories"より、"Swan and Morning Dews" のビデオができました。Snow Stormの時と同様、Masaya Kato君が映像を担当してくれました。まさや君、ありがとう。


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New Blog
I made new blog, since the old one got too much spams...
I was too lazy to update it last year, and I will try to be more active this time... hopefully.


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